Client Spotlight The International Center

Last year we worked with The International Center to launch a new website. Located in Indianapolis, The International Center is a catalyst to inform, convene and connect public, private and civic global objectives in Indiana.
Until just two years ago, our website was just one single component (and a somewhat insignificant one) of our marketing arsenal. Today it is the centerpiece. Virtually everything we produce – blogs, social media posts, brochures and other materials – relate back to the website. And we are constantly seeking out new and effective ways for our website to support and illustrate our mission to inform, convene and connect public, private and civic cultural objectives in Indiana.
-The International Center Marketing & Development Team
The website has a clean layout that supports each page’s content. The design is modern and not distracting. The theme is built using the powerful tool WordPress which allows the organization to add and edit content with ease. We encourage you to learn more about The International Center at their website.
International Center