About SentryHealth

SentryHealth knows that managing employee health is hard. But with SentryHealth’s approach, it’s easy to take back control.

SentryHealth focuses on fast-tracking care. Combining consumer science and psychographics with proactive outreach and an expansive care team, SentryHealth connects members to high-quality, cost-effective care – quickly and painlessly.

Why MoDuet?

MoDuet has worked with clients that regularly engage with the healthcare industry.

MoDuet knew the importance of understanding that user experience covers a wide range of ages and accessibility.

MoDuet also knows that Search Engine Optimization and Marketing looks at how well your site performs for a user that may have specific requirements when engaging with a website. That is why MoDuet built and continues to support a website that answers these needs and supplies the necessary code such as SCHEMA, Rich Snippets, meta information, accessibility features and other enhancements.

The Problem

SentryHealth was a Startup that was not ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. They had not completed a competitive analysis and were in need of an updated, branded website.

The Result

After implementing a comprehensive Marketing Strategy, updated brand, new website and supporting marketing resources, their website now ranks in the top 3 for relevant keywords.

Measured Performance

Throughout the process MoDuet has provided SentryHealth with real time performance through a Marketing Dashboard

  • This dashboard is customized to each of our client’s marketing goals including but not limited to:
    • Google Business
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Ads
    • Social Media Ads
  • The Dashboard provides multi page reporting including acquisitions, conversions and paid vs organic traffic.
  • The Dashboard is a measurement tool that we use along with the client to asses our implementation and scale the client’s marketing.

Concierge Consulting Services

At MoDuet, we collaborate with our clients to provide them with an exclusive perspective on our endeavors and how those endeavors can be influenced by market trends and user experiences.

We don’t simply offer honest analyses. Together, we create compelling content such as informative blogs, top-notch podcasts on major platforms, and carefully crafted social media posts.

MoDuet maintains regular check-ins with clients, participating in transparent conversations to offer ongoing consultation.