502 Hemp

About 502 Hemp

502 Hemp was born out of the owner’s relentless quest for a natural remedy to treat her husband’s seizures. With an abundance of research, the owner embarked on a fascinating exploration of CBD oils and applications. Thus, emerged 502 Hemp’s ingenious products, philosophy, and visionary ideas.

When it comes to purchasing CBD products, discerning buyers prioritize quality, integrity, and knowledge. At 502 Hemp, the company proudly serves as the go-to source for unrivaled pharmaceutical-grade CBD, hemp extracts, and invaluable education. Their unwavering commitment is to empower individuals in making the most informed decision.

Every single one of 502 Hemp’s products undergoes rigorous testing by an independent third-party laboratory to guarantee unparalleled quality and precision. The company refuses to indulge in deceptive practices plaguing the industry, ensuring that what we advertise aligns with what we deliver.

Why MoDuet?

MoDuet has successfully assisted online stores and companies in expanding their online reach and boosting conversions.

With an astute understanding of delegate policies and regulations in the Hemp and CBD market, MoDuet orchestrates meticulous navigation.

MoDuet recognizes the pivotal role of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media in catering to users’ specific needs and requirements. Thus, MoDuet advocates for websites that not only meet these demands but also provide essential code implementations such as SCHEMA, Rich Snippets, meta information, accessibility features, and other enhancements.

The Problem

Analysis of 502 Hemp as a company shows a strong local online footprint. MoDuet’s goal was to feed on this and increase regional reach by utilizing what was already known about the company’s products and sales.

The Result

After implementing a comprehensive Organic Search Strategy, user experience, and supporting marketing resources, MoDuet is helping the company reach potential customers regionally and eventually nationwide through individual product lines.

Measured Performance:

Throughout the relationship, MoDuet can report on real time performance.

  • Milestones can be reached for each of the client’s marketing goals including but not limited to:
    • Google My Business
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Social Media
    • Sales Conversions

Transparent Consulting Services

At MoDuet, we team up with 502 Hemp to give them an insider’s view of our efforts and how those efforts can be shaped by market trends and user experiences.

We don’t just dish out honest analyses. Together with 502 Hemp and their partners, we whip up engaging content like informative blogs, top-notch podcasts on major channels, and meticulously crafted social media posts.

MoDuet has regular check-ins with the client, engaging in transparent conversations to provide ongoing consultation.