Whether you have an established company or are starting a new venture, your website is the window to your clients. Today, it’s easy to whip a website together and throw it on the web using commercial resources. People see this as a quick and easy solution to get everything up and running. Unfortunately these solutions tend to be more quick and easy than profitable and rewarding for the individuals that use them. That is why more local organizations choose WordPress over Wix, Shopify and other commercial website builders.

Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame Oral History Project built using WordPress

The Nunn Center along with the Kentucky Human Rights Commission and the University of Kentucky Office of Community Engagement used WordPress for theirKentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame which houses recorded interviews with recent inductees.

What is WordPress?

More than a website builder, it is software used to create and maintain websites through unique themes, custom functionality and a wide network of tools and support. Similar products that offer turn-key solutions like WIX or Shopify have rigid designs, limited customization and lack the ability to grow with your business.

“Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want.”

WordPress is an open source tool; anyone can use it and contribute to its development. Its future is in the hands of those who use it. WordPress comes in two forms: a blogging site or an external installation within a website hosting environment.

Videobred website built using WordPress

Located in Louisville, Videobred is this region’s most experienced video and multimedia production facility. They use WordPress for their company website and to highlight their client’s work.

With several popular website creation tools, why WordPress?

WordPress is not the only software that will help you create a website. Tools like the aforementioned as well as Squarespace, Drupal and Joomla can be used to build a website. Unlike its competitors, WordPress is the one tool designed with everyone in mind – company, individual, blogger, developer and visitor. WordPress was designed with you in mind from the beginning. In its youth, it provided people an outlet on the web to share stories, facts and opinions through blogging. People quickly found that they could do more than just setup a simple blogging page and could establish a decent website.

Today, WordPress provides solutions that can compete with commercial tools. What people may not realize is that behind this simple solution is a robust structure that will let you create a custom website unique to your store, organization and company.

For more information about WordPress, read this informative article at WebsiteSetup.com.

Berea Public Art tour built using WordPress


The Berea Public Art Tour invites visitors to “discover a town like no other.” The community has a truly unique heritage which is reflected in its public art. Their website uses WordPress to create a virtual gallery and map through the town’s history and art collection.

How Can I Use WordPress?

WordPress can be used to create a website with pages, blog posts, calendar of events, a shopping cart and much more. It can be a personal or professional website surrounded by your subject matter. It can be a web-based app on your computer, phone or tablet. You can use WordPress to create, engage and communicate to the the world by promoting your non-profit and receiving contributions.

WordPress is a stable core site publishing platform, and its partners offer more than 50,000 functional extensions that support every imaginable need, from e-commerce to advance social media promotion. Most of this software is free of licensing fees.


For more information about WordPress, reach out to MoDuet.