Many small business owners often wear multiple hats in running their business. With so many options for building an online presence, digital marketing can seem like a daunting area to grow in. Getting started with and learning digital marketing strategies can help set your business apart from other brands online. Use these strategies to help your business grow in the digital realm and attract more customers.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is any marketing or brand presence that happens online. Email subscriptions, newsletters, blogs, social media pages, reviews, video content, your website and any type of other branded content online are part of digital marketing. All of these assets work together online to establish online brand awareness for your business.

Digital Marketing Strategies:
With so many assets to juggle, digital marketing takes strategy to build brand cohesiveness and fluidity across platforms. Here are some of the best tips for getting started with digital marketing.

PPC Advertising
Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to stretch your budget with the promise of eyes-on-the-content reach. PPC advertising means you will be paying for every time someone clicks on your ad. There are several ways to set up PPC advertising, here are some of the most common and easy to use PPC advertising platforms.

Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing your website with SEO in mind is one of the best ways to get started with digital marketing. Using good SEO tactics helps your website to be found easily on search engines based on keywords and phrases used on your site. There are several SEO plugins that help to guide you in optimizing your site, here are some of them:

Bing Webmaster Tools, Data Studio, Google Analytics

Content Marketing
If you haven’t started a blog on your site already, do it! Writing and creating fresh and regular content on your website helps boost your SEO and will help drive traffic to your site. This also helps you build a larger following, as you should be creating content you know your customers are interested in. Check out this guide for creating content that will help you drive traffic to your site.

Email Marketing
Email marketing has been around for around for decades, and guess what? It still works! Reaching out to customers you already have history with helps strengthen brand-consumer connection and helps keep them updated on your business. Email marketing can go hand-in-hand with content marketing, as use can link to your content through email. This helps drive traffic to your site, which in turn will boost your SEO. Lovely! Here are some of the best email marketing tools out right now:

MailChimp, GoDaddy, Constant Contact

Use these digital marketing strategies to help build your brand presence online and attack new customers. All of these strategies can work together to help your business grow and set your apart from your competitors.

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