Website resources today are more accessible than ever. Often this ease of use becomes a hurdle because the attraction is more powerful than the overall features and depth of the toolset. That is why MoDuet provides unique web experiences to local businesses and non-profits to compete at the same level as large, commercial website and hosting companies. MoDuet produces powerful resources including WordPress, hosting and mobile apps.

It’s not always quick and easy with commercial solutions

Commercials streaming across the internet and other media outlets express the ease and speed of launching a new website. There is some truth to this. Today’s technology and automation have made it possible to register, design and start a new website for personal or commercial use within a few hours. What we do not see in these ads which use high profile celebrities or paid businesses and actors is that these designs and automation limit the functionality of the business and force the website owner into a specific box. This “out-of-the-box” solution will launch the website quickly but will limit the website from growing with the business and often requires extra time and money to be a successful tool.

The power of WordPress

WordPress is the leading content management system for websites such as and It is used by 33% of the web and contains thousands of functional resources that support every imaginable need from e-commerce to marketing. MoDuet provides this resource to companies who need a reliable website quickly and the ability to grow with an organization. Using the WordPress environment, MoDuet offers several solutions to launch a new website or redesign an existing one.


MoDuet WordPress websites, hosting and mobile apps

By focusing on resources that are built around content and responsive to all media formats, MoDuet creates organizational relationships by producing passionate, unique web experiences. First and foremost, the company you hire will provide a quality product that you will love and it will enhance your success.

MoDuet has been specializing in WordPress since the beginning. This local WordPress shop was started through building new websites for local businesses and non-profits. Today, MoDuet continues to create WordPress websites as well as website hosting, mobile apps and WordPress support.

MoDuet’s mission

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