Whether it’s a new or established nonprofit there are a lot of resources out there to help an organization be sustainable. MoDuet has partnered with several nonprofits in an effort to help their organization fulfill its mission. Their experience in the nonprofit community and skillset with the web industry provides a solid resource for nonprofits. Among the services MoDuet provides to nonprofits are these: marketing consulting, website consulting and website hosting. In addition, MoDuet provides free consulting services in order to help nonprofits connect to the tools they need.

Online resources for nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits and Office 365

A nonprofit does not have to pay for email. The two leading sources for email and online resources provide email and other solutions to nonprofits for free. Office 365 Nonprofit and Google for Nonprofits each provide free services for organizations that include email, document resources, cloud storage, calendars and other resources. MoDuet strongly supports Google for Nonprofits because it provides the full version of GSuite, Google’s business platform including email and other services. MoDuetprovides free consulting services to help nonprofits apply for Google for Nonprofits.

$10,000 Google ad grant

Nonprofits rely on the support of their donors, community and grants. Often, grant writing can be an arduous process for an organization. Thankfully there are online resources provided through grants and are easy to apply for. There are several reasons to sign up for Google for Nonprofits. Once you are accepted to the program an organization automatically qualifies for a $10,000 Google Ad Grant each month. MoDuet is so excited that Google for Nonprofits provides this that they will help an organization apply for free.


Slack has grown to become the leading collaborative workspace for companies and organizations. They offer a free plan allowing groups to start with no investment. With Slack an organization can collaborate with its team and stay organized with file sharing.

Website resources for nonprofits

MoDuet works with several nonprofits to maintain their online community through the help of WordPress, a website content management solution. WordPress is free and MoDuet provides free consulting for nonprofits. In addition to WordPress, there are add-ons or plugins that provide their services for free if you are a nonprofit.

The Events Calendar

Nonprofits often schedule events to engage with their community. These events are featured on their website or other platforms to promote and register for the event. The Events Calendar Pro is a paid, licensed WordPress Plugin. If you are a nonprofit, The Events Calendar will provide the full plugin for free. With this plugin a nonprofit can schedule new events on their website, import events from Facebook, and provide event registration.

WordPress Multi-language (WPML)

Often it can be difficult for an organization to communicate in multiple languages through its website. WordPress Multi-language or WPML is a paid, licensed WordPress Plugin and is the standard for translating your website. They offer a free license for nonprofits. With WPML, an organization can translate its website content into over 40 languages. The translation is automatic but WPML does allow manual translation as well in order to correct the literal meaning of the content.

MoDuet continues to support the nonprofit community by providing resources and free consulting for local nonprofits. Reach out today if you need help with your organization.

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