You should always update WordPress. This is not just for the creative enhancement but the security as well.  WordPress has released version 4.8 “Evans”, named after jazz pianist Bill Evans. There are several dynamic updates that improve how you use WordPress and streamlines creativity.

Improvements include:

  • New widgets (images, audio, video and rich text)
  • Dashboard section for upcoming WordPress events and more
  • Link improvements

New WordPress Widgets

Ever wanted to insert a bio image, audio clip or video in the sidebar but had to either install JetPack or another plugin for what should be a simple feature? WordPress now comes prepackaged so that you can add any of these and the ability to add rich text content. There is no more need to change any settings or install plugins.

Image Widget

Update WordPress Image WidgetThe new image widget allows the simple addition of any image. The widget uses the media library. This means there is no need to look up a URL of an existing media image beforehand.

Audio Widget

Update WordPress Audio WidgetLike the image widget, the new audio widget allows you to insert an audio file that does not require any setup. The audio file will even play directly from the sidebar so visitors can stream the media without leaving the current page or your website.

Video Widget

Update WordPress Video WidgetThe new video widget continues to provide the ability to embed media into the sidebar just like the image and audio widgets do. Insert a file from your media library or stream a URL from YouTube or another video streaming site. And yes, the video does play in the sidebar just like the audio widget.

Text Widget

Update WordPress Text WidgetWordPress has replaced the previous text widget with an updated, rich text editor. With the rich text editor widget you are now able to add simple, but desired visual content changes as well as HTML.

Dashboard Update

The dashboard within WordPress will now let you add a section to stay up to date with the latest WordPress events in your area. WordPress has always been a community driven project and now they have incorporated this directly in the dashboard by providing you with information on Meetups and WordCamp related events.

Link Improvements

Updating links within a post is at times annoying when the editor includes more than just the desired words into the link. For some, this was never an issue, but for those who use WordPress on a daily basis will love this little enhancement which no longer slows down the creative flow.

Update WordPress

WordPress has added several other improvements behind the scenes. Whether you are a developer, editor or contributor all will benefit from these changes. You can read about the complete updates over at WordPress.

Not sure how to Update WordPress? We are here to help answer your questions.