We recommend that you update to WordPress 4.9.6 with new privacy tools. This new privacy and maintenance update contains important tools that enhance control over privacy and security.

Key features from the enhancements enhancements include:

  • Guidance for the new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Comments enhancement to allow user control over browser cookie
  • New privacy policy page allowing site owners to create and maintain their site policy
  • Privacy policy guide on how to handle personal data
  • Enhanced data handling
  • 95 maintenance updates
Update to WordPress 4.9.6 With New Privacy Tools

Update to WordPress 4.9.6 With New Privacy Tools


The new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is an approach to give control to individuals concerning their personal information and how it is shared with businesses, will be enforced started May 25, 2018. The new WordPress tools will allow site owners to better understand how to protect user data.


Browser have the ability to save user’s form information through cookies, small files stored on your computer. WordPress websites that have commenting enabled will now provide users with a choice on whether personal data is saved in a cookie on their computer.

WordPress comments

Privacy Policy Page

Update to WordPress and have control over your site’s policy with the new privacy policy page that allows site owners to create and maintain their site policy. WordPress now provides tools to assign a privacy page which will be shown on default login and registration pages as well as any other page or menu. WordPress will also provide a guide with insights on they handle data and how to add this information to your site’s policy.

WordPress privacy page

Data Handling

With the new WordPress updates site owners can now export an individual or group of users’ personal data as well as WordPress and plugin data. In addition to this, site owners can erase the user’s personal data including data collected by WordPress plugins.

WordPress data handling

Update to WordPress

WordPress has added 95 maintenance improvements with this latest update. Whether you are a designer, developer, editor or contributor all will benefit with an update to WordPress. You can read about the complete updates over at WordPress.

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