Kings Body Jewelry

About Kings Body Jewelry

King’s Body Jewelry, where they cater to the modified, by the modified. The founder’s passion for body modification has turned into a full-time career, providing for all plug and body jewelry needs. The company’s founder has been fascinated with body modification since they were a kid. Body modification is a peculiar kind of beauty that captivates the individual as well as those around them.

Kings Body Jewelry has grown from a local gem to a global sensation, dazzling customers in every corner of the world (yes, even Antarctica!). With over 50,000 orders shipped and counting, their royal reign keeps expanding. Despite the rise from a one-man show to a full-fledged team, the company stayed true to its mission of offering top-notch bling at prices that won’t break the crown. You’re all gems in their book!

Why MoDuet?

MoDuet has successfully assisted online stores and companies in expanding their online reach and increasing online sales.

MoDuet recognizes the pivotal role of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media in catering to users’ specific needs and requirements. Thus, MoDuet advocates for websites that not only meet these demands but also provide essential code implementations such as SCHEMA, Rich Snippets, meta information, accessibility features, and other enhancements.

The Problem

Seeing a decrease in sales after jumping from one platform to another, MoDuet saw a need to update the current website user experience. MoDuet also saw an opportunity to improve site analytics and workflow capabilities for the KBJ team.

The Result

MoDuet walked with the client to first fully understand how they got to their current point and worked with them to provide a new website built around their products, user experience and order fulfillment. In addition to rebuilding their website, MoDuet has helped Kings Body Jewelry improve their SEO, Social Media sales and Email marketing.

Concierge Consulting Services

At MoDuet, We Collaborate With Our Clients To Provide Them With An Exclusive Perspective On Our Endeavors And How Those Endeavors Can Be Influenced By Market Trends And User Experiences.

We Don’t Simply Offer Honest Analyses. Together, We Create Compelling Content Such As Informative Blogs, Top-Notch Podcasts On Major Platforms, And Carefully Crafted Social Media Posts.

MoDuet Maintains Regular Check-Ins With Clients, Participating In Transparent Conversations To Offer Ongoing Consultation.