Bullitt County Public Library

About Bullitt County Public Library

Bullitt County Public Library system consists of five locations within Bullitt County Kentucky. The Library’s mission is to empower their community through free and open access to relevant, informative, and engaging resources and services.

Why MoDuet?

MoDuet has been actively collaborating with non-profit organizations since its inception, leveraging its expertise to facilitate growth and foster meaningful interactions with constituents.

The Problem

Bullitt County Public Library found itself lacking the resources to adequately support and expand an online community for its members and constituents.

The Result

MoDuet is honored to contribute our support to Bullitt County through our partnership with Bullitt County Public Library (BCPL). The BCPL system empowers the community by providing free and unrestricted access to relevant, informative, and captivating resources and services. MoDuet assisted in the launch of a new website with a bespoke design and enhanced functionality.

The website was meticulously crafted with their content and target audience in mind. The structure enables the library to seamlessly embed content from third-party websites while maintaining a cohesive design and user experience across the entire site. The website incorporates custom functionality that MoDuet developed to facilitate resource filtering and importation of a third-party catalog system.

In addition to the website, MoDuet continues to support the organization through ongoing hosting, site maintenance, and content management. Furthermore, MoDuet provides valuable marketing consultation on an ongoing basis.

Concierge Consulting Services

At MoDuet, we collaborate with our clients to provide them with an exclusive perspective on our endeavors and how those endeavors can be influenced by market trends and user experiences.

We don’t simply offer honest analyses. Together, we create compelling content such as informative blogs, top-notch podcasts on major platforms, and carefully crafted social media posts.

MoDuet maintains regular check-ins with clients, participating in transparent conversations to offer ongoing consultation.