How To Insert A Google Map On Your Website

Adding a single Google Map or multiple locations is a great way to fully utilize your website.   The following steps will provide instructions to establish a map for your website.

Google Map With Single Location

First, go to Google Maps.
Enter the address and then click search to bring up the location.
Click “Share or Embed Map”

Google Map
In the box that will appear shortly after, select “Embed Map” at the top.
Choose the size of the map you desire.
An HMTL embed code will appear in the field to the right, copy that code and paste it into the source code of your website.

Google Map

Multiple Locations Using Google Map

If you have several locations that you would like to pinpoint on your map, google maps does have the options to make this happen.  The following steps will provide instructions to establish a map with multiple locations using Google’s Map Engine.

Sign in to your Google account or create one.
Go to the Map Engine and select “Create a new map”.
Select the “Untitled Map” option to list your title and description of your new map.

Google Map

Using the search field, enter the address or search for your first location.
Once the location pops up, click “Add to map”.

Google Map

Continue to add additional locations in the same way.
When you are done click “Share”.

Google Map

Under the option for “Who has access” click “Change…”
Select the first option for Public and then Save. You can then click Done to close the share window.
Click the menu icon to the right of the title.

Google Map

Select “Embed on my site”.
Copy and paste the embed code to your website.

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