WordPress plugins are add-ons that extend the WordPress environment and provide new  abilities to your website. You can search through thousands of approved WordPress plugins by the feature you are trying to add to the website. WordPress plugins make adding enhancements easy without the need to know how to code. If there is something you want to add to your website and you are not sure how to do it remember, “There’s a WordPress plugin for that“.

Our Plugins

We have developed several plugins for clients and want to offer them to you to. You can download our plugins from the WordPress community. If you have an idea for a plugin and would like to have it created, let us know.

Mo Rss Feed

A WordPress plugin that displays an RSS feed within a responsive slider.

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS feeds give websites and users ability to subscribe to a website’s content. The feed can provide the latest updates from a website including stories and images.

This plugin will display an RSS feed using a shortcode on any page, post or widget. The RSS feed can be displayed in a slider or column layout. The RSS slider or column layout are responsive; visibly clean display and functionality on any device (mobile or desktop).

Slider Example

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Column Example

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Download the plugin here. If you have trouble installing the plugin or need us to install it for you let use know.