Will You Maintain My Website’s Content For Me?2018-09-24T14:52:09-04:00

Yes! Send us regular monthly edits and we will make the necessary changes for you including: new pages, copy edits, removing page, updating menus and more.

How Fast Will My Site Be?2018-09-24T14:51:28-04:00

The beauty of WordPress is that it is built to server up content fast. Combine that with our hosting and caching software and your website will be faster than the average hosting account.

Will My New Website Work On My Phone and Tablet?2018-09-24T14:53:20-04:00

Yes. All of our websites are responsive and will display on any device (mobile or desktop) without sacrificing content.

Do You Host Emails?2018-09-24T14:49:45-04:00

Yes. You can setup email within your hosted account using cPanel. For security purposes we do recommend that you use an Email provider (Google or Outlook 356) therefore, we do not offer email support.

Do You Sell Domains?2018-09-24T14:49:23-04:00

Yes. You can choose to purchase the domain when you sign up for a new hosting account or website. You can even transfer an existing domain that you own.

Will You Help With Migration?2018-09-24T14:49:03-04:00

Yes. Most of our hosting plans include migration.

How Much Does It Cost?2018-09-24T14:48:10-04:00

We provide several options when it comes to cost and payment plans. You have control over which is best for you.

Am I Locked Into Any Contracts?2018-09-24T14:47:30-04:00

You have control of your account and plan. You have the option to pay monthly or annually. If you choose to pay monthly, you can leave at anytime, no questions asked. If you choose annually and cancel early we cannot provide a refund.

Will You Backup My Site?2018-09-24T14:46:29-04:00

Yes. Our servers are backed up weekly. You can manage these backups from within your cPanel account.

Will You Install WordPress?2018-09-24T14:38:25-04:00

Yes. All of our hosting accounts will automatically install WordPress.


Website support about everything from domains to hosting to content.

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