• What you need to know about WordPress 5.2

    WordPress version 5.2 Jaco has been released. "Jaco" comes from popular jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius. When 5.0 came out at the end of 2018 it put the WordPress platform on a new level for security, [...]

  • WordPress Login

    On the WordPress login page is where you will be able to log into your Wordpress website. You'll need your login information to do so. This is the tutorial video, below it are [...]

  • DNS Explained In Plain English

    Website Domain DNS Explained In Plain English

    When creating your website you have to choose a website domain and hosting account. Sometimes these accounts are shared by the same provider but often they are not. This requires you to point your domain [...]

  • What You Need To Know About WordPress And The Gutenberg Editor

    WordPress will be releasing version 5.0 this week which includes the new Gutenberg block editor. This major WordPress update will enhance how contributors create content. The new editor with its block style allows contributors to have [...]

  • Website Security

    Website Security and SSL Provide a Safer Website Experience

    MoDuet believes website security is a priority. That is why we now provide SSL Certificates as a standard for all new hosting accounts. Google announced that it will now highlight any website as "not secured" [...]

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Top Three Search Engine Optimization Methods For Your Website

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of maintaining your website and its content so that it is accessible to search engines and visitors. Years ago this meant having to be aware of specific code that was flagged when a search engine tried to index your website. Although there is still code involved, the advancement of the internet as well as the support to encourage all website content to be user friendly and pertinent has made SEO easier to maintain today.

  • Wordpress Theme

    What Is A WordPress Theme And How Do I Choose One?

    The WordPress theme is the heart of design in your website. The versatility of WordPress is that it allows you to choose any theme you want. Site builders like Google's GoCentral or WIX provide a limited number of templates that allow for little to no customization or functionality. With WordPress themes you have options to customize the look and feel of your website as well as control of functionality and the scale of your website.

  • Website hosting domain registration

    Website Hosting And Domain Registration Explained

    Simply put, website hosting is the physical location where all of the website files for a specific website are located. Domain registration is the address of a specific website.

  • Wordpress Plugins

    The Best WordPress Plugins For Every Website

    WordPress performance and customization is found through the theme and plugins. Each of these compliments the other while both having their own unique benefit to the website. While the theme focuses more on site design, plugins give you control on how information functions on the site. It doesn't matter if you use a commercial or custom built theme, your site will utilize the versatility of plugins. Although each website will have plugins that are unique to that site, there are four that must be installed on every single WordPress website. The WordPress Plugins that we install from the start are: WP Rocket, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and JetPack.

  • Website Builder

    What Is WordPress?

    What is WordPress? It is a software used to create and maintain websites through unique themes, custom functionality and a wide network of tools and support. It is not a Website Builder. A website builder like WIX or GoDaddy's GoCentral often have rigid designs, limited to no customization and lack the ability to grow with you or your business.

  • How To Insert A Google Map On Your Website

    Adding a single Google Map or multiple locations is a great way to fully utilize your website.   The following steps will provide instructions to establish a map for your website.Google Map With Single Location [...]

  • How to Resize an Image using PIXLR

    Two of the biggest problems with images are that the file size can often exceed the upload size or the image is too big for the space.  These issues can be easily resolved with the free online tool PIXLR.