As a non-profit media organization, Insider Louisville is dedicated to providing non-biased information for the public. In an up and coming city like Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby and Muhammad Ali, people need to be able to access viable information with trusted sources. This is Insider Louisville’s mission, unbiased purposeful news for the people. The website is centered around five coverage areas that include the following: culture, economy, education, government, and health. In addition to those categories, there is also “Voices“, reader submitted commentary,  “Amplify“, featuring local heroes in Louisville and the new “Why I’m Here“, stories of people who call Louisville home. They also have a free newsletter and a community page.

In today’s society, one of the most critical aspects of a news company is accessibility. Insider Louisville already capitalized on the online-news niche, but they knew they had to expand in order to keep up with the constant flow of information supplied by social media and mobile apps. People spend hours every day staring at their phone and tablet, constantly searching and sharing material. For this reason,  Insider Louisville decided to release their own local news app.

Insider Louisville used MoDuet to build their application and ensure it had the full functionality desired. One of the benefits of t