How to create Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows people to send you any sort of information by using different kinds of forms. You can make contact forms, support forms, survey forms and so on. This is the video. Below it are the written steps. To get started hover over forms [...]

Categories And Tags

Categories and tags allow you to manage and catalog the different posts you create on your WordPress website. This is the video. Below it are the written steps. To get to categories, go over to the navigation menu, hover over post, and then click on categories. It should take [...]


In addition to building this website for the Oldham County Attorney's Office, we also host and maintain it. The county attorney's office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in District Court, establishing paternity and collecting court-ordered child support, and representing the Commonwealth in juvenile dependency, neglect and abuse cases. For this WordPress site, we chose [...]

How to Use The Customize Menu in WordPress

The customize menu allows you to change content directly on your WordPress website without having to return to the dashboard. This is the video. Below are the written steps. To be able to use this menu, go to the navigation menu, hover over appearance, and then click on customize. [...]


We host and maintain the website for Housing Up. This amazing organization offers support services to homeless and low-income families in Washington D.C. They also create affordable living communities and have placement options tailored to the family's needs. MoDuet doesn't just design websites, we host and maintain them too! Whether you are starting a new [...]


Revisions can be used when you want to change your page/post back to a previous state. This is the video. Below it are the written steps. To revise a page/post what you are going to want to do is go to the navigation bar and hover over post (or pages [...]

How to Download the Fusion Builder

The Fusion Builder is a page editing and building tool that is accessed by downloading the Fusion plugin. Here is the tutorial video. Below are the written steps. To download Fusion, first hover over the “Plugins” tab on the side navigation bar. Then click on “Add New”. You will [...]


We host Health Legacy of Cleveland's website. They participate in community efforts to mitigate the causes of health care disparity in greater Cleveland. Part of their mission is to strategically engage relationships to stimulate community programming that will support math and science education, and encourage and mentor Cleveland area youth to become physicians and dentists [...]


 In addition to building this site for the Community Working Group, we also host and maintain it. Community Working Group is a non-profit agency that provides affordable housing and rehabilitative services to families and individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Mid-peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area. We re-did this site [...]

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